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What is 8 + 5?
In years, as of 6/24/2017
In Feet and Inches, ex. 5'11"
In pounds
Name of Program/Club/School, etc. with which you row
Location of Program/Club/School (City and State)
The year you began rowing, ex 2015
Your fastest 2K time (Minutes, seconds, tenths, ex. 07:41.29). If not available or applicable, such as for coxswains, leave blank.
Your fastest 500m time in same format as 2K.
Your fastest 6K time in same format as 2K.
Your coach's first and last name.
Your current grade point average, ex. 3.5
SAT Score (Composite)
ACT Score (Composite)
Month and Year, ex. June 2018
Grade in school as of Fall 2017.
City and State
A brief (100-150 words) biography. Describe your rowing/coxing background, what you like about rowing, your goals for the sport, your preferred boat, side, seat, etc. Regattas or camps that you've attended. Your academic goals. Have you decided on a college already? If so, which one? Why did you choose that one? If you haven't yet decided, or applied, are you interested in any particular schools? You may also wish to share something interesting about your life - about your interests or hobbies, or your overall life goals. Be detailed but brief. You want to relay relevant and important rowing-related information to interested coaches, but they are also interested in you as a student and as a person.
A black & white head and shoulders photograph. Color is OK too, but we'll be printing it in black & white. The resolution should be 300 DPI, sized to 3" x 2.25". NOTE: By submitting this photograph, you are legally giving us the right to print it in the Prospect Book. If you choose not to send a photograph, a "filler" photo with the text "Photograph not available" will be inserted in its place.
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